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Sheena was right - The Cave 4
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The Cave 4: Sheena was right

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Sheena was right - The Cave 4 NEW!

LP/CD - SB 012
Lp pressed on 180gr., Lp with poster, great artwork by ansam.

Great, greater, greatest!
After "On the Strip" this is a new Hitrecord by Europe`s Kings of Surfrock`n Roll from Solingen. Without exaggeration this is the best release Cave 4 ever did. Thirteen brilliant and classic Surfbeattracks with catchy vocals and amazing refrains makes you reelin` and rockinī til the end of the night. For all occations, guaranteed! This years No.1 summer hit record! Especially for you...Thank you, Lord!

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Rodriguez: I think this is a real dogfight

s/t - Rodriguez NEW!

LP/CD - SB 011
Lp pressed on 180gr, first 250 white color. CD on digi-Pack. This cool and new band from Austria rocks you to hell. If you like the Hives, Zeke and the Ramones you will love this fuckinī piece of a punkrockbastard. Fast, loud and dirty, with the pure energy of Rawk`n Roll play RODRIGUEZ thirteen Killertracks who makes you astonishing. A new great hope for Hi-Octane-Punkrock in the upcoming years. Hear it and believe...in RODRIGUEZ...we trust! Amen!

The Creatures wanna dance
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The Drivers: Drivers Theme
Rodriguez: Automatic Depd
Electras: Remember you
Brain Eaters: Mucho Macho

The Creatures wanna dance LP Compilation

Bad Girl Attraction
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Scumbag Roads: Bad Girl Attraction

Scumbag Roads: Bad Girl Attraction 10"

The Cretins wanna dance LP
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Scumbag Roads: Traitor
The Dirtshakes: Kings of the Boogaloo
The Retarded: Tonight
Curlee Wurlee: Pas de Panique

Various Artists: The Cretins wanna dance LP

A blasting compilation presenting 16 unreleased killertracks performed by 8 ass-kicking bands called the Dirtshakes, Retarded, Scumbag Roads, The Reekys, Backwood Creatures, The Cave 4, Curlee Wurlee and the Apers. You'll die for this hilarious piece of vinyl !!!
The Returners
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The Returners: The wag

The Returners: 7-inch Sold out!

The dead rise up and strike out in search of their favoured snack: primitive, savage Rock'n'roll for live human flesh. 2 great trashy and savage garage tunes with a devil in their soul.
The Boonaraaas/The Reekys-Split
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The Boonaraaas: He's no good

The Reekys and Boonaraaas: Split-EP

On this brandnew 4- song split-EP the Boonaraaas and the Munich- Punx "The Reekys", madly fell in love with each other. The result of this liaison is thouroughly noticeable. Two very harmonic and charming performed 60ies- Lo-Fi- Trash- Bombs by the Boonaraaas... more

Scumbags vs. Cave4

The Cave 4 vs Scumbag Roads: Fight to win (EP)

New release of Germany's finest Surf- and Instrumental-Combo, Cave 4, with 2 outrageous Italo- Western- tracks. Sounds like Ennio Morricone meets Hank Ray for the showdown... more

Chicks who love guns
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Speed Chicken: Alien Rockers

Speed Chicken: Chicks who love guns (EP)

Speed Chicken celebrate on their 2nd EP (the first Swindlebra- release) an explosive mixture of Rock'N'Roll, Surf and Rockabilly, which in it's complexion developes its very own charm.Even though the 2 vocal and 2 instrumental tracks... more
On the Strip
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The Cave 4: On the strip

The Cave 4: On the strip (LP/CD)

Those people, who are familiar with the furious Cave-4-live-performances, know, what to expect from their first regular longplay: brilliant surfsound between classic and neo, which is not afraid of ceretain excursions to the garage- and Ramones- Rock'N'Roll-sections ... more
Beasts 'n' Bumpkins
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Scumbag Roads: California

Scumbag Roads: Beasts 'n' Bumpkins (LP/CD)

On their second LP/CD the Scumbag Roads prepared 15 musical granades for you that make your body move- don't even think about sitting down. With Beasts 'n' Bumpkins, they managed to combine ... more


Size: Girlie, S, M, L, XL
Quality: 100% Cotton
Price: 10 EUR

I don't wanna talk to you
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The Reekys: Dad's gone mental

The Reekys: I don't wanna talk to you (EP) Sold out!

On their debut-EP the Reekys ignite real-for-real 1-2-3-4- Punkrock-fireworks. No doubt about it that there is a certain similarity to their greatest idols, the "Ramones", but their overwhelming fun... more