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3 new Concerts! (updated 12.03.06)
The Cave 4 on tour! (updated 26.12.05)
Concerts with The Black Lips + Pot Belly + The Returners and Deadbolt + The Returners (updated 06.05.04)
Concerts:The Reekys on Tour (updated 21.03.04)
Concerts: Scumbag Roads, Grizzly Adams Band and Hi Tops live! (updated 29.02.04)

Concerts:The Woggles live (updated 22.12.03)
Releases: 2 releases, download 2 new songs!
(updated 15.07.03)

Concerts: Dem Brooklyn Bums, Cave4 & Rodriguez Record-Release-Party, Cave 4, Scumbag Roads & Hi- Tops, Tourdates!
(updated 23.03.03)

Concerts: The Drivers and Speed Chicken live! (updated 14.12.02)
Concerts: Release-Festival (updated 12.09.02)
The Cretins wanna dance Releases: The Compilation is ready!
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Swindlebra Records means the logical consequence of living this certain way of life for decades, like visiting concerts, organizing concerts and tours, bandmanagement, having a lot of fun and actually leads to one point:


Not only the musical quality is decisive for a production (the expected amount of records being sold isn't either), it's the combination of rad sound and human sympathy.

Rock'n'Roll is more than music!