The Reekys/ The Boonaraas: Split-EP

The Reekys/Boonaraas Split-EP

On this brandnew 4- song split-EP the Boonaraaas and the Munich- Punx "The Reekys", madly fell in love with each other.The result of this liaison is thouroughly noticeable. Two very harmonic and charming performed 60ies- Lo-Fi- Trash- Bombs by the Boonaraaas with '77- Punkrock- roots, make this record a winner! Especially the second song, "Be mine again" could be this year's summer- hit. I can't get this song out of my head! Cool chicks give us more!

After their first surprisingly genious EP, the Punkrock- Epigones, "The Reekys", have donated us 2 brandnew, ass- kickin' Poppunk- smashers. Already the first song, "Boonaraaa Girl", is this season's highlight and so far the best Reekys- Song ever! When you hear it for the first time, watch out- this song grabs you by the balls and makes you pogo like there's no tomorrow. Catchy refrains, groovy '77- Punk- Music and their developping undestinctive own sound, leave no wishes unfulfilled. The 2nd song, "No Action", will exeed your expectationes. Rough and wild energy make a good pair with the extraordinary fun sensation of playing, which might remind you of the legendary Dwarves during their best times.

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