The Cave 4 vs Scumbag Roads: Fight to win (EP)

Fight to win

New release of Germany's finest Surf- and Instrumental-Combo, Cave 4, with 2 outrageous Italo- Western- tracks. Sounds like Ennio Morricone meets Hank Ray for the showdown in Death Valley. If you are keen on Surf/Western/Instrumental and you are a fan of Spaghetti- Western, then this sound is obligatory for you. Buy or Die!

Magnificent! These two new tracks are fuckin' cool! South- Germany's most promissing combo, when it comes down to Punk'N'Roll, Scumbag Roads, surprise us this time with completely unexpected Western- Instrumental style. "El Corazon de un Gringo" is a virtous staged Western- Classic, whose rough and hypnotic atmosphere casts a spell over one. The 2nd song, "The Fogrider", persuades through its pressureful colaboration between guitar and bass. The tempo slowly fastens and western- themes, Instrumental- and Surf- tunes are mixed together to a splendid brew, which goes down your throat like a bottle of Mescal. With awesome High- Class Western- Cover. Taste it !

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