Do 30.03.06 21.00 Uhr
Ulm, Pufferbar

Forget Scandinavia. Here's the real High octan Rock Monster. Unbelievable... The kick ass Garage-Punk- Rock`n Roll sensation from austria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loud, fast, dirty...... New Bomb turks meets Zeke meets the Ramones.
More Infos: www.rodriguez.at

The King Khan and BBQ Show

Sa 08.04.06 21.00 Uhr
Ulm Kradhalle (neben Roxy)
The King Khan and BBQ Show

BBQ is a one-man band comprised of Mr. Mark Sultan. BBQ is Rock & Roll. For those (unfortunate souls) who've never heard BBQ, combine the best elements of Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, early Elvis, Little Richard, early Motown, The Cramps and the Sonics and you've got an idea.
More Infos: www.kkbbq.com

  20.05.06 21.00 Uhr
Ulm, Pufferbar
Speed Chicken

Go mad with Hank & speed chicken: great Instros / Rock`n`n Roll / Trash mit Kontrabass

The Cave 4 - live

The Cave 4 - live

The Cave 4 - live
The Cave 4

The Cave 4

18.01.06 München Monofaktur

19.01.06 Freiburg swamp

20.01.06 Stuttgart zwölfzehn

21.01.06 Ulm Pufferbar


13.07.04 21.00 Uhr
Salon Hansen, Neu- Ulm

Stompin'-shoutin', swingin'---swayin', reverb drenched rock 'n' roll for sharp feet and pure hearts.

GOGGLE-A-Songs in the Internet (Windows Media Player):
Ride On Yamaha:
  www.goggle-a.com/sazanami/products/ride on yamaha.wma
Ureta Biwa:
  www.goggle-a.com/sazanami/products/ureta biwa.wma
Himitsuno Tomato:
  www.goggle-a.com/sazanami/products/himitsuno tomato.wma

Homepage: www.goggle-a.com

The CAVE 4 -
Langenau Open air + Satelliters

The CAVE 4 - Günzburg Jugendhaus - Open air

21.09.04 Salon Hansen Neu-Ulm
Groovie Ghoulies
support: The Reekys

10.06.04 21.00 Uhr
Kradhalle Ulm (neben Roxy)

DEADBOLT: "The Scariest Band In The World"
-Support: The Returners: Garage - Zombie- Rock`n`Roll aus Günzburg

Horror-Voodoobilly-Surf -Rock'n'Roll aus Kalifornien, der klingt, als hätten THE CRAMPS zusammen mit CALEXICO den Soundtrack für einen Kannibalen-Film ein- gespielt oder als würden "JOY DIVISION versuchen, die Surf-Legende DICK DALE zu covern"! Spärliche Surf- bzw. Rock'n'Roll-Gitarre, hypnotischer Rhythmus und dazu ein morbider Gesang, als wäre der wiederauferstandene BELA LUGOSI höchstpersönlich am Mikrophon! Ultracool auch die total abgedrehte Bühnenshow - der absolute Kult! support: The Returners: Garage - Zombie- Rock`n`Roll aus Günzburg

Hörproben/Songs von DEADBOLT im Internet (Real Media):
6 verschiedene Lieder:
5 andere Lieder:

Noch mehr Informationen und Material zu DEADBOLT im Internet:
Homepage der Band:
Umfangreiche Fan-Site:
Headhunter Records/Cargo Music:
Ewing Records:

Pot Belly

The Black Lips

Fr. 21.05.04 21.00 Uhr
Jugendhaus Günzburg

The Black Lips
Pot Belly
The Returners

The Black Lips:
"Stripped down and dirty punk rock and roll that will suffice for the perfect soundtrack to a whiskey filled night of mischief. youthful and deep dyed garage rock taken to the next level!" This Atlanta band is proving to be the most demented garage phenemenon seen in the land in many a long year. Their shows are legendary for all manner of mayhem and madness. The word is out... this is THE band to see Drawing influences from ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s do-wop, punk, garage and psychedelica, the Black Lips' sound will surely knock your bobby socks off. The Black Lips' self titled debut is out on Bomp! Records now, and the second record is due out in the spring or summer of this year. www.bomp.com/BlackLips.html

Pot Belly: a Garage-60`s Punk Rock`n `Roll Monster www.potbelly.de

The Returners: Shake your bones to the primitive Zombie Rock`n` Roll


The Reekys Live

08.04.2004 Rosenheim - Asta Kneipe
09.04.2004 Innsbruck (at) - tba
10.04.2004 Fidenza (it) - The Taun
11.04.2004 Turin (it) - Alcova
21.05.2004 Chemnitz - Bunker + The Popzillas
22.05.2004 Nünchritz - Kombi + The Popzillas

Grizzly Adams Band

26.03.04 21.00 Uhr
Dornbirn(A) Schlachthaus

Scumbag Roads: Punkrockspeed that kills
Grizzly Adams Band: Great 77-Punk`n`Roll Trash
Hi Tops: Bubblegum-Punkrock sensation

More Infos:

27.03.04 21.00 Uhr
Günzburg, Jugendhaus

Scumbag Roads
Grizzly Adams Band

The Woggles

The Elektras

22.01.04. 21.00 Uhr
Salon Hansen Neu-Ulm
The Woggles +
The Elektras

Homepage: www.hostess.com/woggles

Songs online (MP3):
Ramadance Romance: RamadanRomance.mp3
Tear Me Down: TearMeDown.mp3
Doin' The Montague: Doin'TheMontague.mp3
Believe Me Little Girl: BelieveMeLittleGirl.mp3

Homepage Elektras: www.the-elektras.com

Fr. 05.12.03 21.00 Uhr
Jugendhaus Günzburg
Punkrock Superbowl!
Peawees + Scumbag Roads + Wombels

Scumbag Roads - Punkrock speed that kills

Wombels - High-Speed-Melodiccore

Peawees- Hymnischer Punk`n`Roll from Italy ala Turbo AC`s and Social Distortion.

01.06.03 21.00 Uhr
Salon Hansen
Industriestr.35 Neu-Ulm
The Fevers
(USA- Bubblegumm-Powerpopop)

Late 70īs power pop, take the TEENAGE HEAD, the REAL KIDS, a dash of british like the INCREDIBLE KIDDA BAND, or artists like JOE JACKSON and the strong relation to the cool sound of today- as the DONNY DENIM 45 (Radio X) - The incarnation of bubblegum music! (remember all those semi-cool, semi-laughbale second echolon boygroups of the sixties as the HERMAN HERMITīS, OHIO EXPRESS or the 1910 FRUITGUM CO ?) It makes the FEVERS genuinly sexy. A pounding, insistent bass, the punk rock drive, sparkling melodies, the FEVERS treat rocknroll history as our shared mythology. You canīt oppose, just tap your feets on the floor !