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Line-up: Susanne guitar/voc.
  Patricia bass/voc.
  Christina drums/voc.
  Veronika guitar
The program:

THE BOONARAAAS! from Dusseldorf/Solingen is one of Germany's freshest girl-bands delivering garage pop and punk, or what they call 'She-Sound 2000'. Playing on vintage equipment, their live show is a wild and trashy, 60's-oriented, punkrock experience. All this music plus a lovely charm has the boys dying for more.

THE BOONARAAAS! formed in 1995 and played their first gig at the inaugural 'Thunderbaby-Kittenblood-Festival 1'. It was a strong performance that was well received by a screaming audience! THE BOONARAAAS! are talented and cool. Bassist Trìch jumps around wildly while singing in a brilliant and sassy voice. Christina beats the drums with high energy and sings in calming harmony. Christina's definite twin Susanne jams on guitar that is melodic yet rough and wild. In 1999 the Boonaraaas became a hot, girly four-piece band when Veronika (ex-Orange Crush) joined the group on second guitar. Together, THE BOONARAAAS! sound is definitely phat!

Releases: She Sound 2000, Thunderbaby Records '95 (EP)
  The Incredible Return Of The Boonaraaas, Thunderbaby Records '97 (EP)
  U.G.L.Y. Girl, Thunderbaby Records'99 (LP)
  Split EP with The Reekys, Swindlebra Records 2000

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